This amazing community has raised the money required to purchase the land!

Many people are also making regular donations, organising and supporting special community fundraising events.

If you would like your name removed from this list, please email – guy at nnic . org . au

A huge thank you to the many people and organisations that have contributed their time, energy, resources and networks to helping us achieve this vision for Nimbin.

Cash Donors

Up to $100


Kylie Kingston

Lee Rhiannon

Maire Barron

Mark Palmer

Lil Cotterel

Matthew Bennett


Tim Tonkin

Angie Gittus

Jeh Kaelin

Graham Way

Judith Lane

Sherrie Y Ford


Amanda Collien

Angus Gough

Kylie Kingston

Susanne Pflueger

Denise Dale

Katrina Mathieson

Letitia Lee

Kirrah Holborn

Giuseppi Taccori

Peer Barnyngoz

Denis Shepherd

Jeni Kendall

Paris Naday



Tara Hoy

K Goodridge

Patricia O’Brien

Nimbin Homeopathics

Kenneth Wallace

Ruby and Seb

Lesly Howard

Ruth Miller
Ruth Nielsen

Simon Harmen

Fundraising Crew

Food Not Bombs





Rebecca Ryall

Angel Lautenbacher

Anna King

Linda de Milford

Chris Harris

Cindy Bateman

Des and Eric

Tarang Bates

M Walker

Jane Mari

Jack Banfield


Steph- Dome Workshop

Nimbin Emporium

The Herb Cottage

Grey Gum Lodge

Levity Gardens

Avalon Community

Billen Community

Robb Road Community

Pinpuna Community

Nimbin Aquarius Foundation


$101 – $500 cont


S & M Hale

Sue Stock

Vicki Thrower

Rainer Glasker

Peter Pedals

Martha Paitson

Gill Jones

Dick Hopkins

Deb Felton

Camilla Cameron

Thomas Rose

Kathryn Purcell

Martin Oliver

Maggie Bourne

Megan James

Pooh Solutions

Pauline Ahern


$501- $1000


Susan Bingham

T-C Hall

Pixie Barrett

Len & Kay Martin

Dave Lambert


Lois Kelly

Guy Stewart

G & C Trimble

Robert Baldwin

Andrew Huff

Gillian Kinivan

Tuntable Falls Primary

Nimbin Apothecary

Geneva Building


Happy High Herbs

Blue Springs Community

Jarlanbah Community

Rainforest Information Centre


$1001- $2000


Rainbow Power Company

Nimbin Good Times

Scott Sledge

Nat Meyer

Terry Beltrame

Maria Van Venrooij

Pamela Craven

Max Stauffer

Karlin & Terry

Hilary Fuerst

J & G Gilfedder

Nimbin Environment Centre

Nimbin Artist’s Gallery

Nimbin Independent Media


$3000 and over

Alison & Geoff Southey

Sam Bernard

Nimbin School of Arts

Jungle Patrol

Ca. $3000 donated via interest-free loan period by Gerhard Weihermann


$7000 and over

Nimbin Neighbourhood and Info Centre

Nimbin Community Centre

$18,400 from Anonymous Donors


2016 Art Auction Donors

Janelle Saffin and Jim Gallagher
Max Stauffer
Megan James
Robin Moore
Mazz Webb
Gillian Kinivan
Claire L’Arrivee
Harume Hayashi
Denis Meagher and Penny
Edith Streiner
Maureen Whittaker
John Whittaker
Daniel Soler
Belinda Marsh
Mandie Hale
Tonia Haynes
Vicki Thrower
Judy Lane
Jane Lisle
Len Martin
Tony Meggs
Rod Johnston
Trudy and Arnie Gautsch
Len Martin
Angie Gittus
Jill Thomas
Mac Mc Mahon
Aeon Creations
Christine Strelan
Philip Arts
Chris Hyde
Pauline Ahern
Lois Kelly
Christine O’Brien
Darmin Cameron
Chris Hyde
Katie Cawcutt
Marie Henderson


$7,500 Pre-loved Art Auction – Mandie Hale & NNIC

$5,000 Open House and Gardens –NCC, Apothecary, NNIC Diana Roberts, Mandie Hale, Jim Sinclair & Cat

$5,000 – New Year’s Eve 2014 Raffle – NNIC

$4,760 – 1st Book Sale & Auction – Vanessa & NNIC

$4,350 – Folk Music Night Aquarius 40th – Dave Hallett

$4,000 – Hemp Building Workshop – NNIC & Australian Hemp Masonry Company

$3,555 – Trivia Night # 1- NNIC

$3,432 – Trivia Night #2 – NNIC

$2,500 – 2nd Book Sale and Auction – NNIC

$2,390 – Mardi Grass Fundraisers – NNIC (& MOB)

$2,100 – Spring Eve – Amanda, Spiral & Kaali

$2,000 – Aquarius Folk Music Night 2014 – David Hallett

$2,000 – Angel Auction – NNIC

$1,560 – Binya Butts – NNIC & Pooh Solutions

$1,166 – Imagine – NNIC & Aquarius Foundation

$900 – Merch sales – NNIC (T-shirts thanks to NCC & Richard Laing)

$931 – Quilt Raffle (#1) – NNIC

$530 – Beats and Bowls – NNIC

$247 – Family Fun Day – NNIC



List last updated : 2016-10-31